Wednesday, August 26, 2009

iPhone Innovation

What makes the iPhone so innovative? The innovation is in how Apple focuses on improving the user experience versus just providing new technology. Unlike other mobile phone companies who focus entirely on designing new technology capabilities, Apple went an additional step by improving processes to enhance the consumer experience. The iPhone isn't the first smart phone (Palm, Blackberry), but what is a first is how Apple has dramatically improved the user experience, providing a multitude of applications that can be easily accessed and used. The innovation and resulting success of the iPhone is not about new technology… it is about a dramatically improved user experience.

Why not take a similarly innovative approach by maintaining a focus on improving the business user experience. Go the extra step, thinking of the business results and user needs versus focusing entirely on new technology capabilities. Innovative improvements in your business can often be achieved by using the technology you have more effectively, rather than by adding new technology to the mix. This focus on the business user is a distinguishing factor in how IT projects are approached. The result could be a businesses that is better connected with its technology than ever before... now that is innovation.

Like with the iPhone, innovation in business is less about what the technology can do, but more about improving the user experience and how business stakeholders will use technology to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively.